The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

I generally avoid writing about politics. But it seems almost impossible to avoid the subject these days.

The thing is I can’t help thinking is that much of America is playing right into Donald Trump’s grubby little hands right now. Think about it for a second. What does a man like that crave more than anything? Attention. And he is certainly getting more than his fair share of that right now. Is it the sort of attention most people would want? Probably not. But Donald Trump is not most people. He doesn’t care what sort of attention he’s getting, only that he’s getting it. And the American public, along with much of the rest of the world is playing his game.

But here we come up against a problem — and don’t think for one second he hasn’t thought about this and quite possibly planned it right down to his very last executive order — what is the public to do about it? Just sit back and let him get on with it? Maybe that’s exactly what we should do. I suspect that’s the very last thing he wants the American public, and the rest of us, to do.

Ignore him. Silence. Let him sign all the things he wants (he’s going to anyway) and let the legal system take care of it. Ignore him. Ignore his petty and silly stance against women, minorities and anybody else. Treat racist and misogynistic views with the contempt they deserve. Don’t rise (or stoop) to his level of baseness. Don’t give him the satisfaction. Trust me, he derives huge satisfaction from all the ‘outrage’. Forget the marches — forget gathering in crowds — nothing is more satisfying to a man like Trump than seeing crowds gathering to protest against him. He will use it. And America, he will use it against you…

But we can’t just ignore what’s going on I hear you cry. You don’t have to ignore what’s going on, just ignore the perpetrator… and write. Write to your senator objecting. Write to the papers. Write to your MP with any objections you have. Write well thought-out arguments to disprove any insane ideas you believe are out there. Start and sign petitions against specific things — it is important to make them specific. Let the legal system sort it all out. Let the Constitution do its job.

The pen really is mightier than the sword.

And think. Most of all think. Are my thoughts rational? Are my actions rational? Are they helpful? Will they support my goals? Will they support global goals? Be mindful. And act rationally. And, if a the end of the day you still think crowd protests will be helpful in achieving your goals, and the world’s goals — then do it.

But most of all, don’t pander to the ego of a word leader. Any world leader. Not now… not ever…

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