Imposter Syndrome

Oh dear, yes… it seems to have struck again… Now, I was thinking the other weekend while I was on my CBT training course that maybe I had perfectionist tendencies… but that somehow didn’t feel quite right to me… I do like to get things right obviously, but I’m not really that obsessed with being perfect.

So, if it’s not ‘perfectionism’, what is it that’s holding me back? What’s stopping me just going out and doing stuff? My friend Alicia Anderson really hit the nail on the head with her article today…

Here it is…

Alicia K. Anderson

When I flew to California last spring, I was headed to speak at a conference as an expert in my field, and then to attend meetings at Google on behalf of my employer.  I was flooded with what can only be described as Imposter Syndrome.  On that cross-continental flight, I read Brené Brown’s book I thought it was just me, but it isn’t , which is her first book about shame.

Sobbing in the middle seat between two strangers, I journaled and read my way through my shame, pausing to gratefully accept sips of water from the flight staff. It was awkward and embarrassing and utterly necessary. I stepped off the plane in San Francisco airport knowing that I was an expert in my field, and not just someone faking it.

I’ve been doing SEO for nine years. I’m the in-house Search Engine Optimization Manager for one of…

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